Домашние задания по Английскому языку.

86 Indirect speech: statements. 10 “If you leave home at 6, you should be here by 9”, he said to me. He said to me that if I left home at 6, I should have been there by 9. Он сказал мне, что если я покину дом в 6, я должен быть здесь к 9.

Windows 95

WINDOWS 95 Windows 95 is a new operation system with an easy interface based on the expanding windows principle which uses icons to graphically represent files and their types. 

Компьютер преподает живопись. The computer teaches painting.

The computer teaches painting. The teachers of an art school in Wroclaw decided to «put harmony to the test of algebra «. Jointly with engineers, the Polish artists made the computer «learn» one more trade. The computer superintends the process of teaching painting. A department of visual instruction, the first in the republic, was opened.

Operating system. Операционная система.

Operating system. When computers were first introduced in the 1940’s and 50’s, every program written had to provide instructions that told the computer how to use devices such as the printer, how to store information on a disk, as well as how to perform several other tasks not necessarily related to the program.

Аппаратные средства. HARDWARE.

HARDWARE. What is hardware? Webster’s dictionary gives us the following definition of the hardware – the mechanical, magnetic, and electrical devices composing a computer system. Computer hardware can be divided into four categories: 1) Input hardware 2) Processing hardware 3) Storage hardware 4) Output hardware.

Электроника, превод с англ.

Electronics Electronic engineering deals with the research,design,integration,and application of circuits and devices used in the transmission and processing of information. Information is now generated, transmitted, received, and stored electronically on a scale unprecedented in history, and there is every indication that the explosive rate of growth in this field will continue unabated. Electronic engineers design Читать далее

Электричество и Разработка Электроники.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Electrical and electronics engineering is the largest and most diverse field of engineering. It is concerned with the development and design, application, and manufacture of system and devices that use electric power and signals.Among the most important subjects in the field are electric power and machinery,electronic circuits,control systems,computer design,superconductors,solid-state electronics,medical imaging Читать далее

Computers — Компьютеры, первод текста с английского.

Computers Computer engineering is now the most rapidly growing field. The electronics of computers involve engineers in design and manufacture of memory systems, of central processing units, and of peripheral devices. The field of computer science is closely related to computer engineering; however, the task of making computers more «intelligent»(artificial intelligence), through creation of sophisticated Читать далее