Домашние задания по Английскому языку.

86 Indirect speech: statements.
10 “If you leave home at 6, you should be here by 9”, he said to me.
He said to me that if I left home at 6, I should have been there by 9.
Он сказал мне, что если я покину дом в 6, я должен быть здесь к 9.
11 “If it rains this afternoon it will be too wet to play the match tomorrow”, the captain said.
The captain said that if it rained that afternoon, it would be too wet have played the match the next day.
12. “I meant to plug in the electric blanket but I plugged in the electric kettle by mistake. I am always doing silly things like that”, she told her guest.
She told her guest that she has meant have plugged in the electric blanket but she had plugged in the electric kettle by mistake. She was always doing silly things like that.
13. “I was intending to do it tomorrow”, he said “but now I don’t think I‘ll be able to”.
He said that he had been intending to do it the next day, but than he didn’t think he would be able to.
14. “Bill should do very well at the university, Mrs Smith”, said the headmaster.” He‘s done very well here. ”
The headmaster said to Mrs Smith that Bill should have done very well at the university, and he had done very well there.
15. “You must not think that” said her husband “it is just that he is old and finds it hard to get used to new people”.
Her husband said that she must not have thought that, it was just that he was old and found it hard have got used to new people.
16. ”The steak is overdone again. I am not complaining; I am just pointing it out ”, said her husband.
Her husband said that steak was overdone again, that he was not complaining, that he was just pointing it out.
Сразу косвенная речь
17. The night watchman reported that they could not have open the safe on the spot so they have carried it away with them.
18. She said to me that I had seen her father, I had recognize him at once. He was the most extraordinary – looking man.
19. he said that he had found an old Roman coin in the garden the day before and that he was going to take it to the museum that afternoon.
20. He said that he had got out of his boat, leaving the engine running, but while he had been standing on the quay the gears suddenly had engaged themselves and the boat had gone straight out of the harbour with no one on board.
21. Then Macbeth enters and says that he had done the deed.
22. I said if you would like me to go with you.
23. My brother said that I might have taken his car if I liked. He would not be needing it the next day or the day before.